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I work in projects, groups of works across media that encircle an event, individual, or a persona (type) from our shared history. The videos, digital photographic prints, and sculptural video installations that I make utilize pre-existing material, carefully selected footage or objects that carry the weight and specificity of their prior lives. Our previous exposure to it them, or feeling of familiarity, shapes our initial perception providing and entrance point which then opens to reveal something different as the context shifts. An important part of my work is the reclamation of information from the media and history from institutions and re-presenting it in a way that leads us to address the truth of a situation versus the myth that has been perpetuated. Sometimes I present fact and other times not, but most times, following the lead of those I critique, it is a mixture of the two. This intermingling of truths and fictionalizations question our ideas of greatness, singularity, and who and what make “history.”

McLean Fahnestock works in video, sculptural installation, and digital photographic processes. McLean selects material from the media and institutions, seeking out footage, images, and items that tap into the collective memory. She received a BFA from Middle Tennessee State University and MFA from California State University Long Beach. Her work has been exhibited and screened in galleries, museums, and alternative spaces across the United States and Internationally in Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Japan. She has received an ARC Grant from the Durfee Foundation, two Hoff Foundation Grants, and was awarded a Professional Artist Fellowship from the Arts Council for Long Beach in 2009. Her work was included in an upcoming DVD compilation of short videos by the LA Film Forum. She was a finalist for a 2012 Vimeo Video Award. McLean lives and works in Long Beach, CA.